Replanting plants from the flower pot into the pocket is easy and fast. All you need is Florideja pocket, pocketin, two or three, your favorite plant, a spatula, scissors or knife and pair of garden gloves. Choose quality soil that meets the needs of plants you`ve chosen. Universal soils tend to be appropriate for many different types of plants and herbs.

  • A single pocket is suitable for single plant.
  • While performing your purchase, double-check that the plant is in good shape and healthy! The diameter of the flowerpot in which you buy plants should be between 10 and 15 cm.


Inserting some soil into pocketin before placing the plant allows the root system to widely develop with easier access to important nutrients. Using pocketins also makes transplanting very simple and dirtless, even with moving plants from one pocket to another in order to achieve ideal combination.

Carefully take the plant out of the pot with all of the belonging soil. Gently squeeze or flatten plant's root system into a more elongated shape that suits the shape of pocketin. You may cut the roots at the bottom to fit pocketin even better. If required, add more soil and/or substrate.


Always use good quality soil, that meets all needs of your selected plants. Universal (potting) soil usually covers the needs of most types of plants.


When watering, you should always consider the specific needs of selected plants in different seasons. IMPORTANT: Water at the inner felt back side of the pocket. The water slowly seeps down through permeable and absorbent felt and evenly absorbs into the soil. Excess liquid is kept in the pocketin`s water-resistant double bottom canal, from which the plant can absorb water, when needed. Tarpaulin on pocket`s back prevents dripping and permeation to the wall.



The ideal time to transplant is in early spring, before the plant starts to bloom. Indoor plants can be transplanted at any time. We do not recommend doing this while the plants bloom, because the process can be quite stressful for it.



We water the plant so the soil sticks together nicely. Fertilizing isn't needed for a while because bought packs of soil contain a lot of nutrients which are adequate for freshly transplanted plants.


If you wish to plant or transplant different plants into a single poclet, check if they are compatible with each other (not only visually but also their needs for light, water and temperature). It is recommended to keep in mind the growth rate of plants and their "aggression" because stronger plants can overcome weaker ones.